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"Haluan paljon kahvia ja vähän sokeria."

Translation:I want a lot of coffee and a little bit of sugar.

July 25, 2020



"I want lots of coffee and a little sugar" is just as good a translation as 'I want a lot of coffee and a little bit of sugar'.


I am really finding some of the English translations here a bit odd or wrong at times. We are anyway supposed to focus here on learning Finnish and not on checking the English. In too many English sentences it can be told in few different ways and they should be accepted. I really hope that the updates will include those various suggestions.


You could flag the answers as "should have been accepted" if you feel like that is the case. Feedbacks help the development team improve the course!


even the drop down translation in the Finnish defines vähän as one of three possibilities "a little", " a bit" or "a little bit" - I wrote "a little" - and it was incorrect. Not all Finnish to English (and vice versa) translations cannot be literal - so they should be more conceptual but here, in this example the idea of concept doesn't even need to be taken into account - as all three "a little", "a bit" or "a little bit" all mean the same thing!

This is basically the same issue as the previous commenters had.


now its pulled me up on my answer for coffee: "I want lots of coffee and a little bit of sugar" it states the correct answer is "a lot of coffee" - its same thing

It would be far more common to say "I want lots of coffee and a bit of sugar".


As in a previous exercise... I would be unlikely to ask for a lot of coffee. It ought to translate as a 'large' coffee and also possibly 'just a little sugar' rather than 'a little bit of'


In a café perhaps, but if I was for example at someone's home, I wouldn't ask for a large coffee. Instead, I would ask for a lot of coffee (and some milk). And in a café: "Large coffee" - "Iso kahvi".


I agree, ... a large coffee and a little coffee. sounds better to me.


I used "plenty of coffee" instead of "a lot of coffee". Flagged it as "should have been accepted" but English is not my native language. Is "plenty of" wrong anyway?


"Plenty of coffee" is fine, Anja! I think it's just one of those things they'll get around to updating in time. Hopefully your suggestion will be added!


Shouldn't it be "kahveja"?


"Kahveja" would be plural, and this sentence is in singular ("kahvia").

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