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"Nämä kaksi ihmistä ovat naimisissa ja heillä on kaksi vauvaa."

Translation:These two people are married and they have two babies.

July 25, 2020



So if it's just the plain number + partitive it's conjugated into singular, but if it's modified with a plural determiner, it's plural?

Kaksi ihmistä on naimisissa. vs Nämä kaksi ihmistä ovat naimisissa.

Is it correct? And how do you know whether you add the singular or the plural determiner?


Yeah if the number is preceded by "nuo" or "nämä" stuff after it is conjugated as plural, because it makes the phrase definite.

In some other cases when the phrase is definite it can work the same way, for example:

"Kolmetoista maata pääsivät eilen sopimukseen."

"The 13 countries reached an agreement yesterday."


Shouldn't "These two people are married and have two babies" be accepted? I was marked wrong for not saying "they have".


Yeah, it should be accepted


For whatever it's worth, this would be a rather awkward thing to say in English unless you're emphasizing that the offspring are truly babies and not, say, four-year-olds. In a neutral context I'd be far more likely to say "children" rather than "babies" (even if they really are babies).

Is the Finnish here really being specific about the kids' approximate ages (i.e. they ARE babies), or would this be a more neutral statement?


Vauva = baby. If they were four-year-olds, they wouldn't be called vauva but lapsi instead.

So yes, this emphasizes that they are indeed babies. A neutral statement would be to say heillä on kaksi lasta, which could mean anything from babies to retirees.


That's what I needed to know. Thanks!


I translated this as "Those two people are married and have two babies " This would be acceptable in English, why is it marked as incorrect?


Just a guess: because it was acceptable English but it isn't quite what was said? If you had written "... and they have two babies" it should have been accepted.

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