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"Miksi maalaat niin outoa taulua?"

Translation:Why are you painting such a weird picture?

July 25, 2020



It didn't accept 'strange' as a correct translation for 'outoa'?


report it, I did "strange picture" and "weird picture" mean pretty much the same thing to me as a native english speaker


Same with me. I have reported.


Got a wrong too for "The strange picture", which is even listed first in the hints. Reported.


why is the picture in partitive (taulua)? it is countable..

thank you for an answer in advance! :)


Because it is the target of an ongoing action.


"Why do you paint..." was not accepted. Is it realy wrong? English is not my mother language so I am not sure any more.


I'd say it is more natural to say "why are you painting" here, since ongoing action is implied and you are talking about one random picture. Saying "why do you paint" would mean some action that is repeated regularly and then it would also be better to say "why do you paint such weird pictures", as in you paint regularly, those actions have end to them and you get weird pictures as a result. There might also be some implications with the Finnish side of it all, but since I'm not a native speaker and not a very advanced learner I won't start guessing here. :)

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