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  5. "Chan eil thu a' feuchainn."

"Chan eil thu a' feuchainn."

Translation:You are not trying.

July 25, 2020



Just wait til you meet 'a dh'aithghearr' (soon) sounds like Ag-eye-er .. i break the words and spellings down and think of things it reminds me of until things stick.. with feuchainn I thought it sounded like a swear word and as it means 'trying' i just thought to myself every time i messed it up that 'im (swear word) trying!!'Lol.. as 4 spelling break it into feu/chainn It will stick eventually just keep feuchainn trying hehe :)


I've mastered "'a dh'aithghearr'", I don't have a problem with that one. I use a similar technique, but the pronunciation in this one eludes me! :)


A dh'aithghearr took me a good few times, have you met ' neach frithealaidh' wow it was a surprise lol.. I just tend to sound the pronunciation out in my head and visualise the spelling for what that sounds like, for example fee-uK-inn (feuchainn) neark free-lee (waiter) .. granted that bit didnt help with the spelling but does with pronunciation.. the spelling i just break the word down fe-uk-chainn and i know there is no 'k' so omit that as the 'ch' gives the K sound.

I guess everyone has their own ways of doing it and tbh it looks more difficult when i have written the explanation down than it actually is, it will come naturally with repetition of the practices. I go into the dictionary here and learngaelic.scot and type in the word and hit the wee speaker icon and just listen over and over. Managed to get the hang of the differences between A' GhĂ idhealtachd (the highlands) A' Ghalldachd (the lowlands) and theres one that keeps sneaking in GĂ idhealach they all sound very alike but you do start to hear all the subtle changes especially using headphones. coinneachaidh was one that caught me out a few times too, as for daoine & duine the VERY subtle change there in my opinion is the 'ao' makes an ever so slightly longer sound than the 'u' otherwise identical! I just go by the rest of the sentence to figure out which is which depending on the speaker.

Onwards and upwards :) I honestly cannot wait for the next part!


Oh yes, the words you quote are the same words for me! My problem is that the audio pronunciation is nothing like the words look! Different speakers pronounce the SAME words differently and that frustrates me no end, especially when they are in the same lesson!

I am enjoying it, though!!


I never seem to get this right - it sounds like "fiacainn" and not "feuchainn"!

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