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"Onko teillä tarpeeksi salaattia?"

Translation:Do you have enough lettuce?

July 26, 2020



I took salaatti for granted. Only now I find it's lettuce, not salad.

[deactivated user]

    It's both actually


    Great, so there are less words to learn hahaa



    I'm still having trouble with knowing when to add the "a" to the end of a noun or adjective... What is the (probably obvious) rule?


    In this case i think you have to use the partitive because you+re talking about something not specified (what kind of salad are you referring to?) and because it is hard to quantify (pieces of salad? leaves of salad?) basically it is an uncountable name so you use -a, plus it is not specified (tämä salaattia is wrong because tämä specifies of which salad you are talking). Hope this helps (if i am not mistaken)


    According to the "Tips" for this lesson, I think the -a is also only added after the verbs "to be" or "to have" ( on/minulla on, etc.), so not if the word is in the begining of the sentence, just if it's in the predicative (after the verb)


    Why does the audio pronounce a long a in tarpeeksi if there is only one a?


    Hmm, I only hear a short "a"...

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