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"Oslo ei ole Ruotsissa vaan Norjassa."

Translation:Oslo is not in Sweden but in Norway.

July 26, 2020



What is the difference between "mutta" and "vaan"?


This is a tricky one to explain. In this sentence, mutta would be wrong. I found a long and complex explanation here, but it's in Finnish: http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/ohje/483.

Basically, in a sentence like this where you are denying something (Oslo being in Sweden), using mutta would somehow still leave a little bit of "truth" to the claim, whereas vaan just flat out rejects it.

The examples used in the article I linked to (which covers a lot of other kinds of examples, too, but let's just focus on this usage for now) are

  • Minä en pelkää kuolemaa vaan sairauksia. = I am not afraid of death but rather of illnesses.

  • Minä en pelkää kuolemaa mutta sairauksia kyllä. (korostus: myönnän pelon; kiistän, että pelon kohde on kuolema') = I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of illnesses. (So there is an admittance of fear, but a rejection of death being the reason for that fear.)


Hi annika, your description makes 'vaan' very like one usage of the english 'rather',


Thanks for a very informative link. Kiitos! Have a lingot.


Can't we omit the second 'in'?


It should allow that - it works in English. Just got caught out though.

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