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"Nee, wij gaan nergens naartoe vanavond."

Translation:No, we are not going anywhere this evening.

August 10, 2014



Oh I hate so much the unspoken, implied future in Dutch... :(


Any explanation if I write: No, we are going nowhere in this evening


Not sure, we need a native Dutch speaker for that kind of sentence.


Can anyway explain the role of "naartoe" in this kind of sentences?

  • Ik ga = I go
  • Ik ga ergens naartoe = I go (to) somewhere

Naartoe gaan is going to (some location).


So, if you're going somewhere precisely,do you have to say :

  • Ik ga naar de winkel toe

Or would :

  • Ik ga naar de winkel

be also acceptable? Is the "toe" mandatory when the "naar" is in the sentence?


Both your sentences are fine. I'm not sure, but it looks like using naar x makes a difference (allowing you to leave out toe and making it impossible to use heen). For instance in the following sentences toe cannot be left out:

  • Ik ga daarheen = Ik ga daar naartoe = I go there
  • Ik ga ergens naartoe = Ik ga ergens heen = I go somewhere


  • Ik ga naar daar = Ik ga naar daar toe = I go there


Thank you for the extra explanation! I feel like it's going to be one of those subjects that take more time to get right.


Iets om naartoe te werken. ;)

Naartoe werken means working towards/to reach (some goal).


It is like saying 'to' i.e to anywhere. It cannot be dropped in Dutch.


Why is vanavond in the end of the sentence? I thought it should be the first word of the middle part of the sentence (TIME + manner + place).

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