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  5. "Hij woont ergens."

"Hij woont ergens."

Translation:He lives somewhere.

August 10, 2014



Is there any way to distinguish between "somewhere" and "anywhere" in a sentence with "ergens"? I browsed through VanDale and it's giving me mixed signals, so I thought I should ask. Thanks in advance :)


Use whichever word best applies to the translation. I am told that the Dutch don't conceptualize "anywhere", "anybody" and "anyone" quite the way that English-speakers do. These concepts are best explained with a phrase (such as waar dan ook in the case of "anywhere"), rather than depending upon a single word. But if "anywhere" applies to the overall sentence containing ergens, then use it.

But it doesn't fit here.


"Waar dan ook" translated for me as "wherever" but that does have the idea of "anywhere".


Judi, you're exactly right. Anywhere in this sentence would be "waar dan ook" in Dutch.


Non-native English speaker here. Could you give me an example of each? Because I think I use them interchangeably


Is whe ergens word created from er+gens? If so, what does gens mean?


It doesn't appear to be composed of separate pieces.


it comes probably from the same root as the following German words: irgendwo (whereever, anywhere), irgendjemand(somebody), irgendwann (anytime). The root word irgend kann be used also to show "just any", like irgend ein Apfel (any apple). So I think the Dutch word ergens and the German irgend has a common root.


Are overal and ergens opposites?


Really! Woepie doe

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