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Tip for learners

I have just started to close my eyes each time a new question comes up. That way I can hear it before I see it on the screen and I get to work out in my head what the sentence is. I think it is helping in training my ear and enforcing my understanding of the language.

Just thought I would share :)

May 16, 2013



This is an interesting idea. I guess Duolingo could have a setting to show question after it is pronounced.


I think this would be a great idea


When it comes to multiple choice questions, try and translate without looking first. Also, repeat everything said to you in your target language.


I think it shifts your brainwave to a relaxed but still alert state when your eyes are close (alpha waves). And it might also shut down areas of the brain that may not be of great use in language learning(visual cortex). Anyway I suffer from extreme mental fatigue and close my eyes to get a boost.


VancouverBrad - I 100% agree with you - I do it too and it is really helpful. But first tip - great, I will definitely try that.


Yes! Going to start doing this.


Hi. I'm very new to duolingo (just started italian!) and I also try to do the same. I close my eyes while I listen to the audio and I translate without looking at the available options. I also use this website to check out different pronounciations. I find it very useful when in doubt. http://www.forvo.com/


I also speak it, even if I don't have to.


i will try this


This is a good idea, and I find myself doing it from time to time. Not on timed practice, though! Maybe someday.


Good idea. I am a visual learner - so this would help me to improve my auditory skills, I will try it :)


M. ags you are learning german....??


Yes - my son lives in Heidelberg :)


Cool idea I like it a lot!


excellent idea


Great idea - will try it!


Make sure to practise are go over lessons already learned I feel it helps a lot, and say the words out load!


I try doing the practise lessons at the end of my study period as a means of reinforcing what I have learn over time.


i use this all the time it helps so much


Yeah, I do the same sometimes :)


I often find that I jump to the right answer because I can see obvious wrong answer. I am trying to slow myself down. I know which is right but what does it all mean. For example, if I see a question regarding a dog and dog appears in one of 3 multiple choice answers while cat and mouse are mentioned in the other answers, I am trying to not jump to the right answer but see if I also fully understand the other options. Of course this takes more time and wins fewer points but is a better learning experience!

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