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  5. "Nämä housut eivät istu."

"Nämä housut eivät istu."

Translation:These pants do not fit.

July 26, 2020



Pants or trousers ? How de we know which variation Duolingo will accept. This is getting really irritating.


Chill... Use American English as your default, as Duolingo is an American company.

But if you wrote trousers and it wasn't accepted, use the flag to report it as a correct answer, and the volunteer team should add it sooner or later.


Sure - it just irritated me as that was what I was doing, and then at another time pants was also not accepted - there is no default. Just as there is no default for sinä/te etc. I am aware that the volunteers work really hard on this but cannot help the irritation sometimes.


I have suggested to some people I know to be both interested in doing the course and quite easily irritated to wait until it's been in beta a bit longer or maybe even come out of beta... ;-)


Any etymological reason why 'istu' is used as 'fitting' ?

I am curious


"To fit" is either "istua" or "sopia", the related nouns are "istuvuus" and "sopivuus". I'm just guessing, but I suppose that "istua" ("to sit") comes from the fact that the clothes you wear sort of sit on you, well or poorly.


Shouldn't the translation be "nämä housut eivät sovi" istu means sit down


Istua means both: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/istua.

Sopia could also mean something else here: they are unsuitable for the occasion.


Slacks, trousers and pants all mean the same, except in England pants can mean underwear


Trousers was one of the answers suggested by the program, along with pants. It wouldn't take slacks, which are the same thing.


How would I write suit you ? Kiitos

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