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"Could you recommend some local treat?"

Translation:Voisitko suositella jotain paikallista herkkua?

July 26, 2020



jotain = something, while paikallista herkkua already means "some local treat"


Voisitteko=could you? , Voisitko= could you? . Why only one option is correct as an answer?

[deactivated user]

    Reported: "Voisitteko suositella jotain paikallista herkkua?" should also be accepted. The English you does not indicate singular or plural.


    I used tte for other sentence in another lesson and it is not accepted, now I use t and it is not accepted neither, this course sucks so bad

    [deactivated user]

      It is just beta. I heard someone say it would be done in december, but I don't know how sure that is. If you find something wrong, just use the report button. that is the only way to get it corrected. And it will take some time.


      Be patient and know that you are correct in using either 2nd sing. form or the 2nd pl. or formal verb form. Consider gratitude for having even the beta version.


      I feel for you Lillilah!


      In the previous sentence it was necessary to write "voisitteko" to get the right answer, and someone in the comments said it was the right polite way. I wrote voisitteko here, since, clearly, the context is the same, and only "voisitko" is right. Truthfully, both should be accepted. Or at least, there should be consistency... Reported


      "voisitteko" should be accepted


      Is the sentence "Could you recommend some local treat?" the same as "Can you recommend some local treat?"....like does it change anything??


      Could is more polite and and has the connotation of asking if someone would agree to do something for you, while “can” rather means “are you able to”. In Finnish it is the same- voisitko (could you) vs voitko (can you), different grammar construction.


      Thank you for your reply :-)

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