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  5. "Mitä kokoa nämä housut ovat?"

"Mitä kokoa nämä housut ovat?"

Translation:What size are these pants?

July 26, 2020



Not accepting "trousers" is pants!

[deactivated user]

    DL please be weary that American words like "pants" are not the same as provided for the rest of the English speaking world. This is a course on Finnish, not American English


    The English they teach foreigners on here is American English. Just report trousers should be accepted and they will gladly change it to help everyone. Complaining here does nothing for the mods.


    I'm not a native speaker of any variation of English; what are pants in America and what are pants in the rest of the English speaking world?


    In America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and part of England, pants are trousers. So jeans, slacks, and leggings.

    In much of Britain, pants are underpants. So briefs, boxers, etc.

    Or at least that's how Wikipedia divides the usage.


    Which size and what size both should be accepted


    This probably sounds dense on my part, but I'm not entirely certain why kokoa is partitive. I keep getting it correct, but only because I've learned that it's supposed to be partitive in the exercise, not why it's partitive.

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