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"Paljonko nämä ruskeat lasit maksavat?"

Translation:How much do these brown glasses cost?

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Lasi is glass (for liquid) . If the intention here is spectacles the correct translation is "silmälasit" its unescessary to use a derived translation when a more accurate one is available. At least allow both


    The correct translation for English would then be "eyeglasses", but we also shorten that to "glasses".


    How are we supposed to know lasit instead of housut or any of an infinate number of brown items that someone might want to know the price of?


    I guess we are here for learning that. So, the "lasit" means some glass, or some glasses, which are close to the person who is asking for the cost. It might be eyeglasses or windows, or some fake jewelry for example.

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