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  5. "What size are these pants?"

"What size are these pants?"

Translation:Mitä kokoa nämä housut ovat?

July 26, 2020



I used minkäkokoiset but DL did not like that. Where am I going wrong?


What I remember from a discussion in another sentence:

minkäkokoinen (and its inflections) needs to be followed by a noun: "Minkäkokoinen paita teillä on"

mikä koko works on its own: " -Haluaisin sovittaa tätä mekkoa vihreänä.-Mitä kokoa sinä etsit?"


why is minkäkäkoiset not accepted?


I can think of two reasons:

-it's minkäkokoiset

-please see my reply to DavidWilco545357

[deactivated user]

    Pants in international & British English generally means underwear. "Trousers" should also be accepted or Farkut (jeans)


    I am American and I don't believe I have ever heard anyone use the word "pants" to mean underwear. For underwear, we would say "underwear" or "underpants" or "briefs" or "boxers" or "boxer shorts" (depending on the style, of course), or, for a girl's underwear, "panties" or "underpanties." But seldom would "pants" be used in American English to mean underwear.


    The meaning of "pants" = "underwear" is only used in the UK, Nigeria and maybe in Liberia. In every other place "pants" = "trousers".


    Right. British English lost its title to being "international English" back in 1776.

    (Though I agree with the deactivated user, "trousers" should also be accepted).


    Of course it should. That's what happens when the same language is spoken in many places. I'm suffering with the same problems in Spanish and in Portuguese because many words can change meaning depending where they're being used. :(


    (can't reply directly to Lefa82 this far down the chain)

    I believe FlawyerLawyer was referring to the fact that Spanish in Spain is in many ways very different than Spanish in for example Mexico or elsewhere in the Americas. In the same way Portuguese in Portugal is very different than Portuguese in Brazil. This creates an added difficulty when trying to learn them.


    Ok, yes. Silly me. Sorry.


    @Boarcas [MOD] You're right! it was what I was trying to say. Thanks a lot for clarifying that.


    But those are two different languages.


    Does the verb have to be at the end? How about, "Mitä kokoa ovat nämä housut?"


    That emphasizes housut or nämä housut and fits better in a context where you have already discussed the size of some other pants (or some other clothes), and then ask well what about these.

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