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  5. "Sormus on koru."

"Sormus on koru."

Translation:A ring is a piece of jewelry.

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    DL seem to be really piling on the superfluous translations here. "A piece of" is not in the options.

    "A ring is jewellery" is perfectly fine.

    The DL lucky dip of translations continues!


    A ring is a jewel? Not accepted.


    "Jewel" is "jalokivi".


    "an item of jewellery" should have been accepted.


    "A jewellery item" sounds better than "a piece of jewellery".


    I'm really surprised by how many people think "a piece of jewellery/ jewelry" is unusual or incorrect, it's neither and I think Duo is getting this phrase right. I guess we often refer to specific types - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc so maybe the umbrella word feels less familiar to some people. Maybe there are some big regional English differences at play too.

    You can have a piece of jewellery or three pieces of jewellery in a set of jewellery. You can put on your jewellery, give jewellery as a gift, bring some jewellery to wear... but they're mass nouns so we don't know how many 'bits' are included or what they are without more information. You can't say "a jewellery". "A jewel" is a single shiny rock, it can't be worn until it's been put into a piece of jewellery. An "item of jewellery" sounds like it's being sold in a shop or at an auction so that depends on the context I guess.

    I am annoyed though about how Duo is narrowly translating this set of lessons re "diamonds in the piece of jewellery" vs "How many diamonds does the piece of jewellery have". Different exercises are using opposite versions for no good reason, but both 'in' and 'have' sentence translations should be accepted across this set.

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