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"Berliinissä on melkein neljä miljoonaa asukasta."

Translation:There are almost four million inhabitants in Berlin.

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    "Berlin has almost 4 million inhabitants." should be an acceptable and available answer.


    Sure -- just report is using the flag, and it will probably get added by the volunteer team sooner or later.

    [deactivated user]

      Yeah, just reporting is not enough, because "something else is wrong" leaves them guessing. That's why I add the comment. And yes, I did report it.


      The correct way of reporting this is "My answer should have been accepted" or whatever the exact wording is.


      inhabitants and residents are synonymous


      Yep, and I'd say "residents" is more natural.


      "There are almost four million residents in Berlin." should also be accepted. Reported.


      'In Berlin there are nearly four million inhabitants' should also be acceptable


      Why is it wrong to say 'There are nearly four million people in Berlin'? This is natural English.


      From a logistical standpoint, there is a big difference between how many people live there and how many people are in the city on any given day (commuters, tourists, family visits...). As a native speaker, it means something slightly different to me.

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