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"Prahassa on miljoona asukasta."

Translation:There are a million inhabitants in Prague.

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    "Prague has a million inhabitants." should be an acceptable and available answer.


    Yup! Did you report it using the flag?

    [deactivated user]

      I remember doing so. I will note whether I report, in future comments. Thanks for the reminder. Anyone reading this, if you agree, report too. It wil speed up recovery, I hope.


      I will note whether I report, in future comments.

      At least you won't get nagged by me about this anymore... ;-)

      (I just tend to mention this a lot, since many people don't realize that that's how the course is improved. Those messages go straight to the course contributors, whereas it's "50/60" (to use a Finnish expression) whether they see these discussions or not.)

      [deactivated user]

        :-). Keep reminding people: it's a good thing.


        The problem is that it cannot be reported, since the answer is accepted but flagged as a typo, suggesting "1 million" instead.

        [deactivated user]

          You can report a type by marking it as "something else went wrong" and in the discuss add a comment like :

          "Reported: "xxx xx x" is marked as a typo, while it should not be considered a typo."

          In this respect it is noteworthy to tell the language moderator whether this is about the menu or free typing. When I started I always used the menu. Since I have discovered free typing I don't use the menu anymore.


          Are there different ways to say "a million" and "one million," like in English?


          a million = miljoona

          one million = yksi miljoona, but it feels a bit unnecessary and clumsy to say the "yksi", unless you specifically want to contrast that to some other number of millions

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