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"Dan zouden zij naar school gaan."

Translation:They would then go to school.

August 10, 2014



The word order here seems a bit confusing. If we're specifying a timeframe, 'Dan' is in the wrong place for the typical word order, isn't it? If it's used more like a conjunction, I would expect the translation to be "Then they would go to school" as, perhaps, a response to "What if it were a school day?"


Does this also mean that they used to go to school?


No, that would be "dan zouden zij naar school zijn geweest". Sorry, I'm not a linguist, so I don't have a more grammatical explanation.


It's more like "After that/If ... happened, they would go to school." instead of "Back then, they would go to school."


Like 'Als het sneeuwt niet...,' a familiar conditional from winters my childhood.


Als het niet sneeuwt is the correct order. :)

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