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  5. "What color tie do you have?"

"What color tie do you have?"

Translation:Minkävärinen kravatti sinulla on?

July 26, 2020



teillä should also be accepted. It is difficult to tell from an English sentence whether "you" in a sentence represents singular or plural form


Well, I think it's pretty clear it's not plural here, as a tie is something one person (at a time) wears.

But it could be the formal you, so teillä should certainly be accepted! Did you report it using the flag?


What colour = minkävärinen AND minkä värinen; this can be written together or separate, both are right


Please report wrong or missing translations using the little flag after the exercise.


If I write "Minkäväristä kravattia sinulla on?", what will be the translation in english?


That doesn't really make sense in Finnish. You wouldn't have "of a tie".


In a similar question it was "minkäkokoista" for what size... why is it partitive there but not here?


I would need to know the rest of the sentence. In general, if you are asking about possession and don't know if they have the object, you use partitive. Here, however, we assume they do have the tie and just want to know what color it is, so partitive is not needed


For example if you're asking what size of something someone wants. It depends on the verb.


In Finnish you must say "minkävärinen kravatti sinulla on", not "minkäväristä". That is because of the verb on/olla

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