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  5. "That quark is delicious."

"That quark is delicious."

Translation:Tuo rahka on herkullista.

July 26, 2020



What is 'quark'? It seems to mean 'curd' from the correct answer but I've never seen the word.


Kiitos paljon!


I'm confused as to why it is herkullista and not herkulinnen. The example with the berry used herkulinnen


It's to do with being countable or not. So if we consider something to be countable, we use the nominative (herkullinen) and if not (it's a mass noun), we use the partitive (herkullista). In many cases a word can be both, but then they refer to slightly different things.

Tämä kakku on herkullinen. - "cake" as countable, refers to the whole cake

Tämä kakku on herkullista. - "cake" as a mass noun, we are talking about the cake matter

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