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  5. "Oh, I love you so much!"

"Oh, I love you so much!"

Translation:Voi, minä rakastan sinua niin paljon!

July 26, 2020



Wasn't it "oho"?


No, "oho" is something you say when you are surprised, not when you are overwhelmed by love.

Edit: Context matters.


Why does duolingo insist on marking this incorrect when you omit the mina from the sentence, when it is in fact correct?


Because the course is in beta... Just report your correct but rejected answer, and it will be added to the possible answers sooner or later.


Please take some suggestions into account after all! I am now working on mistakes, and they are all course mistakes, not mine!


I have worked on 2,636 sentences in this course over three months, which means I've taken many times that number of suggestions "into account". Most of the remaining suggestions I see now are wrong, so I won't be adding those.

I don't know what else I can do, to be honest...


wow, respect for the efforts


Thank you for all the effort, the course is amazing!


Is voi voi wrong expression for oh?


Voi voi means "uh-oh", "oh no", or "oh dear". It's an expression of lament, not mere suprise.


But Duolingo suggested voi voi, hope it can be fixed


The hints are like words in a dictionary -- not every translation is correct in every context. They are not sentence specific.


Perhaps "voi voi" could be suggested just below "voi" in its own for this sentence? Hadn't come across "oh" on its own before, (that I recall), so used the first suggestion, although I did wonder about it. Appreciate it's a very minor thing abd we shouldn't be leaning on the hints; it's only I was trying not to make a single mistake lol.

Props for all the effort you put into the course and comnents \m/


Why is "niin paljon" not after "rakastan"? I thought that adverbs always go directly after verbs in Finnish.


Butter, I love you so much !! The only way I will remember Oh as Voi is to think of someone buttering up another person! Amazing that Oh and Butter can be the same word!

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