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Clicking on "discussion" restarts the session.

I'm using "French for English speakers" on an iPad Air. In trying to test out of some skills, I (belatedly) realized that every time I click on the discussion button, it restarts the lesson. Surely this is not intended?

August 10, 2014



Your score and progress are held in local variables which are lost when you leave the page you are on. This style is quite common with web design. There are way to avoid this but programatically it may affect efficiency etc.

One possible solution may be to configure your browser to open all new pages in a new tab or window, but this will depend on your browser.


The Discuss button isn't a link that can be opened in another tab. It appears to be scripting that overlays the screen. And the only way to close that discussion page is to hit back. There is no close option for just that. But of course the back reloads the lesson and starts it from question 1.


This is amazing. I have this problem. In 2019. On all browsers tested. Which have been several. And on different computers/tablets. It's disturbing that the program wasn't designed to work properly with default settings on the most popular browsers. I've looked for what settings I could change but haven't found one that has successfully fixed this.

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