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  5. "Haloo? En kuule sinua."

"Haloo? En kuule sinua."

Translation:Hello? I cannot hear you.

July 26, 2020



What about "I do not hear you"?

[deactivated user]

    The trouble for me in translating something with kuule is that I continuously confuse it with kuuntelee. Kuule is hear, while kuuntelen is "I listen". I am curious to know if other people have the same memory association. I really hope to improve this before I start interpreting things wrongly. Anyway. Kuulla = to hear. Kuunnella = to listen.

    P.S. I just noticed in wiktionary that the imperitive + partitive for kuulla is to listen. Go figure!


    You are right, that there is a risk to confuse those. That's because the verbs are highly related. The basic form (A-infinitive) is kuulla : to (be able to) hear. There is an ending -ella/ellä, that makes the verb to show repetitive action:

    • kuulla → kuunnella : to hear → to keep hearing = to listen
    • juosta → juoksennella : to run → to run around (aimlessly)

    Sometimes the -ella/ellä forms have a sense of aimlessness or underrating (as in case of juosta), sometimes the meaning has become specialised (as in case of kuulla).

    What makes things perhaps even more confusing from a learner's view, is that kuulla and kuunnella are sometimes used interchangeably:

    • (a parent to a teenager) Didn't I tell you to clean your room?
    • (the teenager to the parent) En kuullut (= I didn't listen, couldn't care less)


    [deactivated user]

      Thanks! That gives me more info on how this works. Plus it makes it just a little easier to remember!


      So why is “I do not hear you? - wrong??! This should be also accepted.


      Yes, it should. Report it.

      Take a look at my comment to another exercise, where I mention the translator Kersti Juva. The point is that we have "can", "may", "be able to" etc. on one side and kyetä, pystyä, voida etc. on the other side and there is no one-to-one correspondence between these. And then you can use the plain indicative of kuulla : to hear to indicate (pun intended) "being able" as is the case here.


      deliberately misleading off of "en". Buu!

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