"Tha mo sheanmhair ann an taigh-òsta."

Translation:My grandmother is in a hotel.

July 26, 2020

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I'm sure I've seen taigh osda written on quite a few places in Scotland. Is this just a case of modern vs old spelling or is there any difference?


Yes, that’s alternative (and I guess older) spelling. The clusters st or sd in Gaelic are pronounced the same, as [st] (which to Gaelic ear sounds more like sd, since t in Gaelic is aspirated [tʰ] and d is typically devoiced [t]) – and similar thing happens with other stops (so you’ll always see sg in Gaelic while sc in Irish, eg. sgeul vs scéal story; there is some variation between sp and sb, etc.).

Some dictionaries, like old Dwelly’s will have entries like òsda pointing you to the main entry òsta.

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