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"Oh no, the chicken is all gone."

Translation:Voi ei, kana on loppu.

July 26, 2020



I thought I was getting this partitive thing ..... and was confident that it was a vague amount of chicken and so should be kanaa :( .... any easy way to have known it should be kana in this situation?


In most sentences, a singular subject is nominative singular, whether or not it's a countable noun.

Two exceptions to this are existential and possessive sentences. Specifically, when the subject of these sentences follows the location or possessor. Thus 'Tässä on kanaa', "There's chicken right here".


Earlier there was "kana on oranssia". Why is loppu not loppua? I thought chicken was an indefinite amount and therefore the compliment term should be partitive. Or is that only for adjectives and not adverbs?


It doesn't apply to adverbs.

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