"The boy sees the woman."

Translation:Taoba ābre urnes.

July 26, 2020

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Umm.. why is it 'urnes', not 'urnesi'?


Because the subject taoba "boy" is singular. The verb endings vary with the subject depending on whether the subject is first, second, or third person, and whether the subject is singular or plural. To use the example of urnegon "to see," you would have:

  • ābre urnen "I see the woman"
  • ābre urnē "You see the woman"
  • taoba ābre urnes "The boy sees the woman"
  • ābre urnī "We see the woman"
  • ābre urnēt "You (plural) see the woman"
  • taobi ābre urnesi "The boys see the woman"
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