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  5. "I do not own a single ring."

"I do not own a single ring."

Translation:Minä en omista yhtään sormusta.

July 26, 2020



"Minä en omista yhtään sormusta." and " En omista yhtään sormusta." is the same thing!


Indeed it is. Did you report it using the flag?


Same here. Omitting Minä is not an error but a sign of learning/experience!


When would you use sormusta over sormus?


Sormus is nominative, and sormusta is partitive.

The nominative is very frequently used for the subject of a sentence, as in 'Tuo sormus on ruma', "That ring is ugly".

The partitive has a number of uses, the object of a sentence a very common one. For example, negative sentences need a partitive object.

There's more on when to use partitives on https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/finnish-cases/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi.


Again with this pronoun. What is not clear to dl about the possiblity to omit the pronoun in finnish?


It's not about it not being clear... They way the Duolingo Incubator is built, every option has to be put in by hand by a human volunteer. This option has been added a week ago, so it'll take another week or so before it shows up for everybody on every version. No amount of pouting is going to speed that process up.


Exactly. It something you're taught in the second week of Finnish 1. It's also true in some Latin based languages such as Italian and Portuguese.

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