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"Someone wants to buy two orange hats."

Translation:Joku haluaa ostaa kaksi oranssia hattua.

July 26, 2020



Its noun phrase is not the target of an irresultative or ongoing action.


So when will it be kahta? Can you show me an example please?


The target of an ongoing action: "Joku yrittää myydä kahta oranssia hattua" (Someone is trying to sell two orange hats

The target of an action that is not ongoing but irresultative: "Joku katsoi kahta oranssia hattua" (Someone looked at two orange hats)


Thank you Kristian! The first one I got: an ongoing action. About the second one: Must it be in the past tense? And also, doesn't irresulatative mean past progressive, as in "I was writing a letter"?


Any action can be ongoing in the narration regardless of whether it's in past or present tense, or takes place in the future. What I mean by irresultative is that it either does not necessarily lead to any particular result upon completion or that it does not have a state of completion.


Should it be plural partitive here, like "Joku haluaa ostaa kaksia oranssia hattuja"? Or I misunderstood the use of ostaa?


The original translation is correct. I'm not sure about this, but I think the partitive is always singular with numbers (unless the numbers themselves are in the plural but that's a different thing)

You can read more about the partitive here: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi/

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