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"Lapsi etsii yhtä pörröistä pupua."

Translation:The child is looking for one fluffy bunny.

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Im curious as to why the numbers are being conjugated into the partitive now, and not for all the previous sections.


    A transitive verb takes a direct object that can either be total object or partial object. These are expressed by the accusative resp. partitive case. Let's take an example.

    • Syön kakun : I eat a/the whole cake

    • Syön kakkua : I eat some part of a/the cake

    Etsiä is also a transitive verb, i.e. takes a direct object, the object is the one you are looking for. But this time the verb has a different aspect: either you find something or not. Compare this to eating: you can have something partially eaten. (For further info about aspects see for instance in Wikipedia.) Let's change the tense to illustrate this.

    • Lapsi etsii yhtä pörröistä pupua : The child is looking for one fluffy bunny.

    • Lapsi etsi (yhden) pörröisen pupun : The child looked for and found a/the/(one) fluffy bunny.


    Looking for, searching for - both should be accepted. This is again in so many places!

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