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"Do they have enough black soda pop?"

Translation:Onko heillä tarpeeksi mustaa limonadia?

July 26, 2020



Limonadia sounds like Limonedia


Yes, unfortunately the robot gets that one wrong, and we can't stop her from saying it... We have, however, disabled the listening comprehension exercises with this word.


As a non native English speaker i could never imagine what's black soda pop


Oh there is a black soda pop in Finland and it tastes like apple...


Got to avoid any unintensional brand placement.


True. In real life, you'd probably call it kokista or kokakolaa, regardless of the actual brand.

I heard recently that restaurants are actually more likely here to have Pepsi on tap than Coca-Cola. If you order coke, some will ask you if Pepsi is OK, others will just serve you whatever black fizzy drink they have. So people who are particular about this have to ask when ordering. Apparently, the "default" on tap in most of the world is Coke, but not here.

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