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"We are looking for one or two blue flowers."

Translation:Me etsimme yhtä tai kahta sinistä kukkaa.

July 26, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why are still having to guess if the article (Me) has to be included? In the Finnish language itself it's entirely optional


    Well, you know what to do to overcome this (report using the flag).


    (I was only being snarky because the user in question was complaining all the time about the same thing, without indicating whether he's doing his bit as a user of a beta course.)


    I've reported this.


    I'm also slightly annoyed by this, it seems completely random when one or the other version should be applied. An algorithm should be able to sort this problem in no time


    Nope, because there are contexts such as comparisons between two people where the pronoun can't be dropped.

    And anyway, the Duolingo system doesn't allow for automatic substitutions like that.


    There's a reason why this course is still in beta.

    The more you report such errors using the flag, the quicker these issues get ironed out.


    Yup! But this particular issue was fixed 3 months ago.


    I have seen in a number of sentences that "me" was optional. I reported it.

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