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"Can you see? There is a hedgehog walking over there."

Translation:Huomaatko? Tuolla kävelee siili.

July 26, 2020



Also huomaatteko or näettekö should be added as correct answers

[deactivated user]

    Can you see is Näetkö (from See) huomata is to notice, does nobody check these????


    I hope you are reporting as much as you are commenting here... :-p


    Yeah, it feels like so many people are leaving comments, often same ones under the same thread, thinking that the team is going to be reading their comments here (which they might do, or not). Reporting (flagging) a problem is definitely the way to go. :)


    Stiofan28, translations aren't always 1:1


    OMG " huomaatko sinä ? tuolla kävelee siili " is wrong? instead of improving my Finnish , I am getting more confused


    Yes, it means "The hedgehog (which know about already) is walking over there.". The word order matters.


    I would like to know why "huomaatko? siili kävelee tuolla" is wrong

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    That would be closer to "Can you see? The hedgehog is walking over there". In Finnish, the order of words in a sentence can slightly change the meaning. The earlier a word in a sentence, the greater the importance in the context.


    I think I understand why "Tuolla" comes first here, as it implies the importance of "over there," as in, "Can you see? Look over there." But why is it "kävelee siili" instead of "silli kävelee" (which is marked wrong). It seems to me that in terms of importance, next comes the hedgehog, not whether it is walking, standing, or sitting.


    Tuolla kävelee siili and Tuolla siili kävelee do not mean the same thing.

    Tuolla kävelee siili = There is a hedghog (which we didn't know about before, hence "a") walking over there.

    Tuolla siili kävelee = The hedgehog (which we do know from before, hence "the") is walking over there.


    Ah, excellent. Thank you, Annika! That puts a different spin on "importance" when it comes to word order. Ironically, putting "silli" first, meaning we already know about the hedgehog, makes the fact that it's walking the important new piece of information, like it's the first time we've seen it walk, but not grammatically the most important. So I think what you're saying is that it's more straightforward when it comes to word order, "the" is more "important" than "a." Thank you, thank you!

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    Incidentally, "silli" means "herring". It's often good to pay attention to detail in Finnish :)

    Although "Look, there's a herring walking over there" is definitely something worth pointing out!

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