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Communication between the users and the staff ...

Lately a lot of features were disabled /postponed, without any communication. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you, to spend a lot of time explaining yourself to every single request (why is language x in the incubator, but language y not). Here are some technical questions, I'd like to have an official answer:

  • The team feature: Greatly announced - never heard of again. When users get curious, no staff member responses: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4049341

  • Duels: Greatly announced on all social media (Teasers on Facebook). The latest update on the iOS app store was called "a bugfix" and removed it unannounced. As a programmer I guess it was not compatible with iOS 8, and you wanted to focus on different features (e.g. Duels between different devices). But not getting any response, is kind of frustrating. Do you realise that a lot of users (not me) give you bad reviews on the app store, because of this?

  • No communication on layout changes: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4038686

  • No response on the endless vocabulary tab discussion (e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3458906)

  • The summary at the end of the lessons (very helpful) Sometimes it appears sometimes it disappears ... No one speaks about it.

/topic/1 became the home of success stories, and incubator stories - I love to read those! But I'm missing a spot for honest and critical communication, where the technicians from DL say their opinion openly. This was so much better 6 months ago :)

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August 10, 2014



I fully agree with you, this is Duolingo's most annoying feature. I am sure it would'nt take too many resources if they produced a weekly newsletter on these forums, like they are doing with the incubator. Just a short note on the important issues they are working on.

I hope they can improve this aspect as it really gives DL a bad press and creates a very un professional impression of DL.. Come on Luis, tell us what is happening.


As much as I love Duolingo (the site), the staff interaction has greatly fallen off. Besides the Incubator Stories, I only see a quick message here and there from kristinemc, a post or two from bchan, and Luis is virtually nonexistent except for Incubator releases. It's sort of a bummer considering how active they used to be. The team must be extremely busy...doing what is the question that we all want answered, considering the changes (or lack thereof) mentioned by fer84.


Yes, I agree too.

A while back, when I was on DL, a question popped up asking irrc "How likely are you to recommend Duolingo to a friend?"- choices were 1-10. This was just out of the blue. The number I answered with was not 10, b/c of the various issues stated in the post, and also b/c of some aspects of lesson questions (for example, official but wrong answers not being removed). I would not give as high a number now as I did then. And, though I might recommend DL to a friend, that recommendation would definitely come with a lot of caveats.


I agree wholeheartedly. Over the past few months, Duolingo has undergone a lot of changes -- the colorful "start new lesson" bar; the Duel removal; the flashcards and other Words upheavals, to name a few -- and over the past few months, staff has remained silent on most or all of these updates. In the past, staff members would officially report new features; now, observant users are the ones who post to point the changes out. I don't know why. . . because they're not telling us!

In fact, I would urge you to move this to the General Discussion, so that more people could see it. But that's your choice.


I encourage you to post a similar message to the general discussion. I personally think that topic/1, now is more the home for success stories. I am not sure if you'd get more attention over there ... Please try it, I'll upvote it :)


I most definitely agree too! I've only been on Duo since May, and I've noticed a few things unanswered or untouched upon by the Duo team already - that should be addressed:

  • Teams seems like a good feature. Too bad it wasn't implemented! (And hardly any answer from the team itself)
  • Duels was a great feature, and the way Duolingo advertised it made it seem awesome. And they just yank it from us without an explanation why in the next update?
  • And to make something prettier for something useful we all loved - I'd rather want the old design back than not have the feature!
  • I might have to like the Words tab implemented for everyone. Yes, it's still being tested on, but it would be a nice feature to check on your word strengths and/or associate one word with another.
  • And yes, I agree! I love the Incubator Stories - success stories - but is the team focusing on what is most important for Duolingo?
<h1>And please, Duolingo team, tell us what is happening! You are awesome, but tell us!!! People up vote this post so the whole team can see all of this!</h1>


It's specially weird when you know someone else who is using duolingo and you have different experiences.

Maybe allowing people out from test groups could be a good idea. Or informing them so they know what's going on.


I agree about the lack of communication. I somehow lost access to my account in Italian as wr0. After trying to get help for over a week using the support tab on the website and receiving no response, I finally broke down and got a new email address from my ISP. I know the team is busy but I would have thought somebody in Tech. Support could have helped. As it is, I had to start over. I love Duolingo, but this has been incredibly frustrating.


Besides the "new look" with the children's illustrations (not a fan at all) just being there without an update, once again the bell that sounds when you're correct is gone...that bell is why I do it, it's like a treat for a dog. Last time it disappeared I didn't use duo, cause I couldnt "get into it".. I don't even know where to post this...


The reason that we, the user do not hear from Duolingo is because it is a free app. We pay nothing, so they really don't owe us anything. Besides they make their money from other avenues built in to their program. Purchasing items they suggest etc. I like Duolingo a lot but we are left out for the most part. They probably listen to our suggestions and posts and take the best ideas and then use them in their own good time.


Please do not e mail me any more. You send the same mail over and over. You are messing up my mail and I can't even mail you back as you have no reply mode......This is very annoying.


"If you'd rather not receive notifications, you can unsubscribe here"

Didn't you see that in your emails? there's a link to unsubscribe and there's an option for reminders and mail notifications.


This still applies in May 2019. The promised replacement for Activity Streams was never made, for example.


You change my class, I was a level 76% of speak, now you put on my class to level 18%. Please revise the error. Thanks


I have received a reminder from you to get back in track with my French lessons. This is weird since I've been studying systematically and often even twice a day Would you please clarify? Thanks


I have enjoyed using duolingo for a couple of years now . I have recommended it to many people since I am a member of a large American community living in Mexico. Your recent changes have completely turned me off. I can deal with sponsors but I cannot deal with your requests for money every time I mess up. I admit that I make several silly mistakes but this "health" system is preventing me from completing my daily lessons almost every day now unless I agree to pay you. The frustration is more than I can deal with. You've turned an educational opportunity into a money grubbing game of chance.. Anyway, I"M DONE..... If you ever become an educational offering again instead of a money grubbing gambling casino... let me know...I'd love to actually learn Spanish without the money nonsense. I would rather just pay a reasonable flat subscription fee than be hit up for ransom every day,


I am learning french and spanish and just added italian, and now I can't get back to french and spanish.


Hi Carol,

Welcome to Duolingo.

Here is the link to the help text

Some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo

Happy learning.


I enjoy Duolingo and does this Spanish program provide tenses other than the Present tense; say: Past and future tense exercises?



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