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  5. "We have a round grill."

"We have a round grill."

Translation:Meillä on pyöreä grilli.

July 26, 2020



Noting that while "grilli" is indeed the correct word, in spoken language and dialects one hears quite often "rilli" (and "rillata" for verb).

Finnish language doesn't like the words which start with two or more consonants, so they show up only in newer loan words, and even with those in spoken language the first consonants tend to disappear...


Speak for yourself :-) Many Finnish people pronounce the g perfectly fine here.

(I do remember a radio ad last summer which made me go "huh?!" every time I heard it, because it sounded like they were advertising "krilli" (small crustaceans)...)

[deactivated user]

    Yes. I don't know of anyone who says rillata when they aren't trying to be humorous, but the g often tends quite a bit towards a k sound.


    The program introduced 'round' and 'red' at the same time and I still frequently mix them up.


    Does this mean pallogrilli? Who cares what's the shape of your grill? But the grill which has the shape of a ball is called pallogrilli.

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