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  5. "I am not from Ireland."

"I am not from Ireland."

Translation:Chan eil mi à Èirinn.

July 26, 2020



To me.. and im a learner too but chan eil= not à Èirinn = from Ireland You need to add a pronoun Mi =I Thu=you Sinn=we Iad= they i= she e=he Etc to get it to make sense if you are talking about where you, he, she, we, they etc are from, or not from. If you are talking about when you remove pronoun and have 'agam' 'orm' etc thats because agam tells you you have it Orm, it is on you So if you took out 'mi' from chan eil à Èirinn and added agam, 'chan eil à èirinn agam' it would say ' I do not have Ireland' OR 'chan eil à Eirinn orm'' I do not have Ireland on me' which i highly doubt that to even be a sentence lol(I think) otherwise what you wrote just says 'not from Ireland'

Really hope I explained that to the best of my learner knowledge anyway..


Would "chan eil à Èirinn" also be correct, as sometimes it seems like the "I/me" pronoun is left out of sentences?


I used "mise" and got it wrong :(


As far as i am aware, and im still learning myself, mise is for emphatic use.. This link may help more than i can..

Good luck https://gaelicgrammar.org/~gaelic/mediawiki/index.php/Personal_Pronouns

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