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"De staart is vijf meter lang!"

Translation:The tail is five meters long!

4 years ago



So, in Dutch, the staart comes after the eend!

9 months ago

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So, in English 'meter' would become 'meters' as there are five of them. But in Dutch 'meter' doesn't become plural? I guess it isn't acting as a noun here, no?

4 years ago

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In this case it indicates a length, so the singular form is used in Dutch. The plural is only used if the meters are seen as separate entities: de weg heeft drie meters/stukken met veel gaten (the road has three meters/pieces with lots of holes). As you can see by the type of sentence, this usage is not that common (it's more common for length in time uren, jaren which follow the same principle).

Also meter is used in the meaning measurement device, clearly this are separate entities, so the plural form is used if there are more than one, e.g. Ik heb twee thermometers.

4 years ago

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Did anyone else hear "meter lang" as sounding almost exactly like "Nederland?"

3 years ago


upon second listening, yes i can totally hear that.

3 years ago