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  5. "a liter of juice"

"a liter of juice"

Translation:litra mehua

July 26, 2020



Why is "yksi litra mehua" wrong?


Definitely, it should be right.


yup. Still the same error.


Using yksi in Finnish would be emphasizing that there's precisely one liter of juice. Because the English sentence has a liter (and not one liter) it becomes just litra. Of course there still is one of them, but there's no need to emphasize it.


The English is one litre. We work with two languages and if one speaks about one litre or a litre it remains 1000ml of juice. A litre is a singular litre of juice, therefore one litre. Finnish is difficult enough without extra catches. Yksi litra mehua is a litre of juice.


The English is a liter. It's not a question of whether there is 1000 ml of juice. Of course there is. The point is that the yksi is not said in Finnish unless there's a reason for it. In the same way a and one are not used completely interchangeably in English. Therefore:

a/the liter = litra

one liter = yksi litra

It's no more complicated than that. Translate the number if it's present. Otherwise not.

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