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"How many islands are there in Finland?"

Translation:Montako saarta Suomessa on?

July 26, 2020



Could we use kuinka monta instead of montako?


Yes. kuinka monta and miten monta are also possible. :)


I guess that ´miten monta´ is not often used, right?


Yes. In most contexts miten is more common than kuinka since it sounds less formal, but when you add the monta after the two, kuinka monta sounds a bit better. :)

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "Montako saarta on Suomessa". It was rejected. I reported it.


    Hmm... It sounds a bit unnatural, like you would be asking how many islands are in Finland (versus how many are in Sweden) of a specific group of islands. But reporting it was the right choice, you'll (eventually) see what the contributors decide.


    Montako saarta on Suomessa? sounds more like spoken Finnish for "How many of the islands are in Finland?". Or, that the person asking the question thinks that Finland is an archipelago. :)


    Once again word order is correct either way


    Which order did you put the Finnish words in? I can't find another order that those four words would work in.

    (Also, do report any missing correct translations using the flag. We can't see what you wrote...)

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