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"Riisissä on liian vähän suolaa."

Translation:There is too little salt in the rice.

July 26, 2020



"The rice doesn't have enough salt" isn't accepted - is there something wrong with this translation or is it just Duolingo not having it in it's list of acceptable translations yet?


English speakers say salt is "on" something, not "in". It took me three tries to remember their weird wording. I think the most idomatic translation would be something like "there isn't enough salt on this rice". Further still but somewhat correct is, there is too little salt on this rice". "In" the rice is too odd hehe >.


I have to say, I disagree. If the salt is added after cooking then I'd say it's 'on the rice'. If it's added while cooking, I'd say it's 'in the rice'. If there were vegetables added, they'd also be in the rice not on it.

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