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"On ja kaksi kokkia tiskaa keittiössä."

Translation:It is night and two cooks are doing the dishes in the kitchen.

July 27, 2020



Would you consider accepting '...the cooks are washing up'? as it means the same. Washing up almost invariably refers to doing the dishes. Just a thought...


Why not "tiskavat"?


Because “kaksi kokkia” is partitive singular, even though it refers to two people. Any noun following a number other than 1 has to be in the partitive singular case, and thus needs a singular person verb.


I'm not sure why grammatically but it feels weird to have the article "the" in this sentence. It sounds more correct or at least more idomatic to say "two cooks are doing dishes", since there are two of them, you don't know which of them is doing which dishes. But maybe I'm wrong, it just feels wrong to me.


I'm noticing in the discussions about dishes here that some native speakers are dead set against "doing the dishes", and others are fine with it. So I think it might be a regional thing in the English language...


Your thinking is correct. Doing dishes, doing the dishes, washing dishes, washing the dishes, are all used in different regions of the US.


The correct answer - On yö ja kaksi kokkia tiskaa keittiössä. I have to use just given words to tape, there is "keittiö", but not "keittiössä".


Hmm, that's strange... I can't see where in the system those word blocks are taken from, but I'll try to find out.

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