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  5. "On aika syödä päivällistä."

"On aika syödä päivällistä."

Translation:It is time to eat dinner.

July 27, 2020



I agree with ElenaAnele: 'to have dinner' is perfectly (if not more idiomatically) correct.


Should "it's dinner time" be accepted? I'm actually not 100% sure, but I think probably


Well, it is said you should learn to translate meanings, what you want to say, instead of literally word for word. By translating meanings you get a more natural way of expressing yourself.

Having said that… If I were to split hairs, I would say, that On aika syödä päivällistä implies, that we are going to eat dinner right now, while On päivällisaika just refers to the time and leaves open, who is going to eat dinner. But in normal use such splitting is not made.


At least in American English it is fairly common to say "[It's] dinnertime," albeit in more informal settings, such as a parent calling their child downstairs to eat.

I think this option should probably be accepted.


It is tine to have dinner should be also accepted

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