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  5. "Which sword is good?"

"Which sword is good?"

Translation:Skore korze sȳz issa?

July 27, 2020



I tend to forget which word is which question. Could someone make a list or something like this please?: Sparo-Whose Skoro syt-why Skorverdon-how many But with everything ? Thanks in advance


This should be listed in the lesson tips, but for convenience:

  • Skorī "when"
  • Skorkydoso "how"
  • Skoriot "where"
  • Skoro syt "why"
  • Skorverdon "how many"
  • Skoros "what"
  • Sparos "who"
  • Sparo "whose"
  • Skore "which" (inanimate)
  • Spare "which" (animate)

Note that they are used in different ways; skore and spare are adjectives, for instance, and need to agree with the nouns. Sparos and skoros will of course be sparossa and skorossa if you expect a plural answer, and sparo is recognizably the genitive form of sparos.

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