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  5. "I am ascending a hill."

"I am ascending a hill."

Translation:Minä nousen ylös mäkeä.

July 27, 2020



'Ascending' sounds somewhat pompous to me. It might be preferable to say 'I am climbing up a hill'


Nousen mäkeä should be enough, since you cannot nousta, to ascend, in any other direction than ylös, up. Actually in polished text and speech this would be considered to be a Sveticism.


[deactivated user]

    This translation seems a little of, its more "i am getting up this hill" nousta is to lift or to rise"


    The translation sounds OK to me. "Nousta" does not mean lift, at least in the sense of lifting an object. Not sure if that is what you meant. If you did, you may be confusing "nousta" with "nostaa". In the first person, these would be "minä nousen" (I rise) and "minä nostan" (I lift), respectively. Intransitive versus transitive verbs.


    Is "mäkeä ylös" equivalent to "ylös mäkeä"?


    I was marked wrong for leaving out the "minä". Do I need it here?

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