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"Voi voi, onko hän taas myöhässä?"

Translation:Uh-oh, is he late again?

July 27, 2020



voi voi should accept oh no as well


Yup, I agree, and reported it somewhere else. Did you report this one?


Oh no should be accepted - so frustrating


"Oh dear" is apparantly not an acceptable translation of voi voi. Please fix!


Please report missing translations by using the little flag after each exercise.


I have and I consistently do. I just noticed that the first comment pointing out this issue is four months old and felt like expressing a bit of frustration.


How do you mean? Your comment was the first one to point out this issue.


I don't know what goes on behind the scenes when building a duolingo course, but it seems like it would make sense that when a certain phrase is flagged numerous times, it would be edited to accept a variety of different possible translations, just a thought


This particular sentence has not been flagged a lot.

When we do see a sentence that has been flagged a lot, that's exactly what we do -- we try to think of all the possible options. However, we are volunteers rather than robots, and therefore do not come up with all at once. The point with having a beta stage of a course is to crowdsource this wisdom from the users, which is why it's important that users report missing translations. (They do report a lot of incorrect suggestions as well, which of course takes quite some effort to wade through.)

When I wrote the above comment 4 months ago, I wasn't on the contributor team yet. Now when I can see all the sentences in the course, I'm not sure I agree with my initial opinion. That's because the course also teaches "voi ei", which is a closer match with "oh no". I'll have to check what the rest of the team thinks, when I have the time. But as mentioned. this sentence is not a high priority compared to many others, and when it's changed that change should be made also for other sentences using the same expression. Otherwise we'll have user complaining about lack of consistency...

So if you feel a certain sentence needs a fix -- report it. That's what counts (objectively)!

Finally, what user should always keep in mind is that this is a Finnish course. Therefore any problems, missing options, or inconsistencies with the Finnish will always get higher priority for me than that someone's preferred English translation wasn't added yet.


No it isn't, there are other comments, the first from 4 months ago, can you not see them?


There are other comments, but not one regarding "oh dear", which is what SandraKosk mentioned (although I don't see her report in the system).


In fact you replied to this 4 months ago yourself


Please see my message above.

Regarding frustration, it is pretty pointless to express it here in the sentence discussion, where we might or might not stumble across it. The only reason I'm seeing these latest messages is because I replied to this thread before.

The way to actually make a change is to report missing translations the way I described. Those reports inform us on which sentences objectively need the most attention, not just which users feel the need to vent.


Butter, butter? Really?


Oh-uh doesn't work either. This is stupid

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