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"I love you, because you have sisu."

Translation:Minä rakastan sinua, koska sinulla on sisua.

July 27, 2020



Why is the answer without "mina" not acceptable?


It should be. Did you report it using the flag? Then it will probably be added sooner or later.


Thank you for the answer :) No, I didn't because I wasn't sure, but I will if I come across this problem again.


If I am in that situation, I tend to let the volunteer contributors decide whether I was right or not ;-)


Most of the time, when the English is "XYZ has sisu", or "... an XYZ with sisu", the Finnish is "XYZ on sisukas". Can "Sinä on sisukas (or perhaps sisukasta)" be used here?


Shouldn't "koska sinulla on sisu" be used here, because it's not ambiguous whether or not the person has sisu?


Sisu is a mass noun and not an item, so you always have some of it.

How confusing that you've changed your username since posting this! :-D



I've changed my username from jouluhai to ikieneng because while the character in my movie is called Jouluhai (in the story, there was no joulupukki in the first place, so it wouldn't make sense for there to be a joulupukkihai), everybody instinctively translates Santa Shark as joulupukkihai, so it would seem wrong out of context.

It's called Santa Shark Is Eating Our Town, it's in Finnish (the title is in English), it's on YouTube, you can check it out if you want!


Every exercise in this lesson is different regarding whether it requires the pronoun or not.


The course is still in beta....

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