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"How much do those gray glasses cost?"

Translation:Paljonko nuo harmaat lasit maksavat?

July 27, 2020



Is it wrong or merely less idiomatic to say "Paljonko maksavat nuo harmaat lasit?". Exercise was marked wrong.

[deactivated user]

    I am having trouble discerning paljon from monta: what is the difference in use? P.S. I would have said "montako" here ....


    Montako is how many. Paljonko is how much. So you could say montako satasta, how many hundreds (of euros), when talking about glasses...


    What determines if the color comes before or after the noun? In examples I looked at the color was after the noun. Onko teilla tata paitaa harmaana. Minkavarinen hattu sinulla on? other examples place the color first.
    valkoiset housut


    I can think of three types of sentences where the color follows the noun.

    The first, the color is separated from its noun by the olla verb. Paita on harmaa, 'The shirt is gray'.

    The second is just like the first, but a question, which moves the verb to the beginning of the sentence. Onko paita harmaa? 'Is the shirt gray?'

    The third uses the essive case ending -na/nä. Haluan tätä paitaa harmaana, 'I want this shirt in gray'.

    Other types sentences have the color before the noun. Harmaa paita istuu, 'The gray shirt fits'. Haluan harmaata paitaa, 'I want a gray shirt'. Se on harmaa paita, 'It is a gray shirt'.

    These are following the same word order as their English translations.

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