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"Haluaisin sovittaa tuota paitaa."

Translation:I would like to try that shirt on.

July 27, 2020



I guess that 'I want to try that shirt", without "on", should also be accepted.


I was thinking the same, but I'm not a native english speaker... Maybe there's some important difference


The option without "on" was missing but I've added it now. You should note the conditional though: "I would like to" rather than "I want to". :)

[deactivated user]

    Not confusing words like siivota and sovittaa is for me one of the hardest exercises. Especially when listening to people speaking in or reading from Finnish. I hope writing this comment will help me cement the difference between the two. :-)


    'I would like to try on that shirt' is also correct English


    Yes, it is and should be accepted.


    "I would like to try on that shirt." And "I would like to try that shirt on." are both used by English speaking people...with the first one being more common.

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