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  5. "Ketä sinä rakastat?"

"Ketä sinä rakastat?"

Translation:Who do you love?

July 27, 2020



The correct answer should be "whom" do you love, not "who." Who is a subject pronoun, not an object pronoun.


Technically, yes, but this case distinction is being lost. I know many people who couldn't user or explain how or why to use whom. Who is acceptable too.

That said, other questions / answers using whom here on duolingo should be edited to allow both (when appropriate).

[deactivated user]

    If you object to a question or remark, comment on it. Downvoting it below zero has an adverse effect of making it harder for the language people to find it. I upvoted it back to zero. Please don't downvote below zero.

    For the poster: you are probably right, except this course is about Finnish and about understanding Finnish, not about correct English. I do understand why you comment, but if you want to correct these kinds of mistakes, then use the keyboard (every query has a "use keyboard"-button) and use whom. Then when it says it is a typo, say something else is wrong. The reports are guaranteed to be handled by the language people.


    Unfortunately no one says that anymore. "Whom" is being lost in English.


    Not if I can help it.

    [deactivated user]

      I have a question. Wiktionary calls ken (of which ketä is the singular partitive) an old fashioned word that is mostly used in poetic context. Is that true? Or are there exceptions, like the examples we get here in Duo with ketä?


      Ken is indeed old fashioned, but ketä is a completely normal word. It may be derived from ken originally, but is now an independent word.


      "Whom" should be an option


      Indeed it should. Added now, will take a while before it works reliably on all platforms.


      An incorrect answer ("who" instead of "whom") should not be offered as an alternative translation. "Who", although extremely common, is still not technically correct here. I can understand why it is accepted as an alternate, but it should not be suggested as one.


      Etkö rakasta Duoa, eli vihreää pöllöä?


      who is here for Whitney Houston's song "Who do you love"?


      I'm here for Duran Duran


      Or even George Thorogood


      Surely 'Kuka sinä rakastat" should also be acceptable?


      Kuka rakastaa sinua? = Who loves you?
      Ketä sina rakastat? = Who(m) do you love?


      Nope, that sentence doesn't make sense in Finnish. You need the partitive for the object.


      well I wrote whom and it was accepted so even though it's not the suggested answer it's nice to see it in there

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