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  5. "Hotelli on täysi."

"Hotelli on täysi."

Translation:The hotel is booked full.

July 27, 2020



"Fully booked" is a more natural translation.


This answer does not make sense in English. However "the hotel is fully booked" is better


Yup, I agree. Although I'd prefer simply "full". Loppuun varattu is more close to fully booked.

Did you report it?


Yes, "the hotel is full" should be accepted, as well. I have reported it.


That's also accepted now.


I agree with 'fully booked'


Hotelli on täynnä.


I totally agree with 'fully booked'. No British person would say 'booked full'


Please report missing translations using the little flag. Fully booked is not a missing translation here, as it is accepted.

Also, please do remember that (as I have mentioned before), UK English is not the default here. UK English expressions are accepted, but there's no point in complaining about British people not using certain expressions used here.


Why is this course entitled 'English' with the Union Jack as the flag shown if it is not the default? What is the default?


Where do you see the Union Jack?

The default is American English (as I have mentioned in replies to your posts before, so I assumed you would have seen them -- my apologies if that if that is not the case). Duolingo is an American company.


The little flag at the top which shows which language courses you are following. e.g. my flags show Finnish and Scottish Gaelic. I do note that on your flags it is the American flag. On mine it shows the Union Jack at the very top of the page.


I have never seen a Union Jack in relation to any course on Duolingo. At the top of this page (next to the crowns) I see a Finnish flag, as this is the Finnish discussion forum.

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