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  5. "Are you looking for a phone?"

"Are you looking for a phone?"

Translation:Etsitkö sinä puhelinta?

July 27, 2020



"Etsitkö puhelinta" should be accepted. Reported


Happy to report that this was accepted on 18 August 2020.


Can we have etsitkö kännykkää?


Should I report it when "kännykkä" (kännykkää in this case) gets rejected for "phone"?

Relatedly, can I call a cell phone a "puhelin" in Finnish, or does "puhelin" refer specifically to phones that are not cell phones?


To answer my own question, here's Google Images to the rescue: https://www.google.com/search?q=puhelin&tbm=isch

So there we have it. puhelin includes cell phones just like phone in English.

That said, the most accurate translation from English to Finnish, when the English word is phone, is to use puhelin, not kännykkä. Why? Because without context, we don't know what kind of phone the person is looking for, so we have to stick with the more general term, or we risk changing the meaning of the sentence.

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